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Chamberlain 720 LP
Chamberlain 940 LP
Chamberlain 720 & 940

Self supporting structure manufactured from minimum 1.5mm DCP steel sheets with drainage plugs to discharge liquids.

Hot dipped galvanised to 55 microns.

Solid rubber Castors with galvanised wheel stub - 200 mm diameter and 360 degree rotation.

Two front wheel brakes as standard. Weight rating 250 Kg per castor.

Step lip profile for safer lifting.
Two 20 mm tubular handles welded to each side for safe and easy manoeuvring.

Available in 2 capacities, 940 and 720 litre.  

720 Litre

Height 1410 mm
Width 1013 mm
Depth 722 mm

940 Litre

Height 1410 mm
Width 1013 mm
Depth 970 mm
Heavy Duty Industrial Bins
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