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MANY companies and householders rent their wheelie bins from the Local Authorities - why? When compared to the year on year costs of renting a bin, purchasing from us makes good economic sense. With prices from £29.99 plus VAT. you can cover the purchase cost in as little as 14 months in some areas.

FOXES, cats, rats and other animals have a habit of "bin diving" leaving rubbish strewn across pathways and driveways. With your rubbish securely stored in a wheelie bin this would no longer represent a problem. Gone are the days of groveling around on the floor while clearing up rancid refuse that you thought you had tied up properly.

DURING the summer we all love taking the rubbish out. As you lift your rubbish bags you are met with nauseating smells caused by the rubbish "cooking" in its bags. By putting the bags in a wheelie bin you no longer have to endure this torture thanks to the snug fitting lids keeping the smells at bay.

PLACING your rubbish bags out by the side of the street the night before collection is now illegal, although most councils do not enforce this. The Government is encouraging the councils to do so which could result in you being fined for doing something that you have always done. By putting your rubbish bags in a wheelie bin this would not apply, putting a bin out is not regarded in the same way as putting out rubbish bags.
Why Buy?